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guess what? i have a little something to say. - fairytales could come true [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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guess what? i have a little something to say. [May. 3rd, 2005|03:31 pm]
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[Current Music |Ataris]

To The People:

So I hear that certain individuals have viewed something written on my journal and/or myspace, and were not too pleased, huh? This message goes out to them. I want you to know that I am not sorry and I dont need to be lectured. And if you dont like me or care what I think then dont bother reading my journal filled with my own personal thoughts. I want you to know that from now and further more I do not care if you like or hate me. I want everyone to be happy and satisfied and there is always that hope in my mind that people all should get along with one another. I guess its been misunderstood, yes I dont want drama, but I can still say what I want. No one can control that. And yes you are right I am a bitch.


peace out homies <3amanda

Cathleen Litton-my favoritist cookie, you are sooooooo awesome and i love you to death. Thanks for everything you are like the only person i fully trusted ever in my life, I am gonna miss you to death next year.
Blais comma Brittany-I fucking love you. fo serious. I am so glad we are friends and psyched that we have a whole summer coming up. Thanks for being there honestly. AND CALL ME NOW!!! haha
Caitlin S.-umm yea you were right there was a bad start it was mostly because i never got micah and you did, and you were the girl i couldnt be and it hurt and i was a bit jealous. and i am sorry for that. and i think our personalities clashed because we probably are alot alike and well i just didnt want to look stupid and thats how you made me feel. I only try to be a bitch with someone who is seriousoly horrid towards me so i never meant anything mean towards you and even though i wrote back to your email i wanted you to know this.
Christina-I was an asshole to do that to your journal, i get a bit smartass sometimes and i do stupid shit,  I just knew you never acted like a real friend to me and alot of other people either so the idea seemed reasonable at the time  but it was still wrong to be like anyone else and attack you.  I dont know long story short i dont want shit.
Coral- I am glad we talk sometimes now, i missed you chica and we have to hang out soooooooon.
Zaina-you changed and matured in many ways this year and I am glad for that. I am glad we have become friends and that we can share interesting convos.
Helen-dont let anyone bring you down. you are too beautiful oof a person to let that shit get to you cheer up emo kid.
STUPID PEOPLE THAT SHOULDNT BE READING THIS(and you know who you are)-youre annoying and everyone is just laughing at you.




[User Picture]From: mandababe4
2005-05-03 09:08 pm (UTC)
aww thanks ada thats so sweet of you i need the support!
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