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[May. 6th, 2005|03:47 pm]
[Current Mood |crushedcrushed]
[Current Music |LUCKY YOU (lost prophets)]

sometimes i feel as if the whole world is laughing at me

but nevermind that, just know that there is a great weekend in store for you all.

that part in that movie (i wont say which)is replaying in my head....
where julia roberts is chasing after the guy and he is chasing after cameron diaz.
and julia roberts is on the phone and her phone friend says "dont you see? he is chasing her and you are chasing him and no one is behind you!"
but my point is: unlike any other hollywood movie she doesnt get the guy.

i feel like i have so many situations where i havent been that girl getting pursued or i have been the one on the sidelines, backburner, or the back end of the chase. and i am tired of it; wearing my heart on my sleeve, or allowing myself to be lifted up only to be let down, and not even in a gentle way. in the way where i lay spralled on the floor broken.


i feel like this journal is just not worth spending time on anymore. atleast not for a while.
i am tired of venting in it, or letting out my problems for anyone to read. i need to be more confidential though so i guess this is the last entry in mandababe4. and i mean it this time.

peace the fuck out,
amanda helaine mistretta

[User Picture]From: call_me_dez
2005-05-08 06:00 pm (UTC)
aw amanda i love you n seriously miss you ALOT! i feel we have drifted farther then eva well xoxox <333 dez
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[User Picture]From: 4ever_overrated
2005-05-16 04:33 pm (UTC)
i love a m a n d a & her many journals lol

so add me ;)
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[User Picture]From: crazylauren123
2005-06-05 11:13 pm (UTC)


Amanda there are so many things we could talk about and go on forvever i'm so glad we are friends and i'm sorry u are feeling this way even though this isn't a recent journal just kno i'm here for u and even if i don't seem like a good friend i am no matter how long we have known each other just kno i love u and u can tell me anything I.HEART.YOU!!!! xoxoxoLAurenXOXOXO
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