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guess what? i have a little something to say. [May. 3rd, 2005|03:31 pm]
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To The People:

So I hear that certain individuals have viewed something written on my journal and/or myspace, and were not too pleased, huh? This message goes out to them. I want you to know that I am not sorry and I dont need to be lectured. And if you dont like me or care what I think then dont bother reading my journal filled with my own personal thoughts. I want you to know that from now and further more I do not care if you like or hate me. I want everyone to be happy and satisfied and there is always that hope in my mind that people all should get along with one another. I guess its been misunderstood, yes I dont want drama, but I can still say what I want. No one can control that. And yes you are right I am a bitch.


peace out homies <3amanda

Cathleen Litton-my favoritist cookie, you are sooooooo awesome and i love you to death. Thanks for everything you are like the only person i fully trusted ever in my life, I am gonna miss you to death next year.
Blais comma Brittany-I fucking love you. fo serious. I am so glad we are friends and psyched that we have a whole summer coming up. Thanks for being there honestly. AND CALL ME NOW!!! haha
Caitlin S.-umm yea you were right there was a bad start it was mostly because i never got micah and you did, and you were the girl i couldnt be and it hurt and i was a bit jealous. and i am sorry for that. and i think our personalities clashed because we probably are alot alike and well i just didnt want to look stupid and thats how you made me feel. I only try to be a bitch with someone who is seriousoly horrid towards me so i never meant anything mean towards you and even though i wrote back to your email i wanted you to know this.
Christina-I was an asshole to do that to your journal, i get a bit smartass sometimes and i do stupid shit,  I just knew you never acted like a real friend to me and alot of other people either so the idea seemed reasonable at the time  but it was still wrong to be like anyone else and attack you.  I dont know long story short i dont want shit.
Coral- I am glad we talk sometimes now, i missed you chica and we have to hang out soooooooon.
Zaina-you changed and matured in many ways this year and I am glad for that. I am glad we have become friends and that we can share interesting convos.
Helen-dont let anyone bring you down. you are too beautiful oof a person to let that shit get to you cheer up emo kid.
STUPID PEOPLE THAT SHOULDNT BE READING THIS(and you know who you are)-youre annoying and everyone is just laughing at you.




[User Picture]From: mandababe4
2005-05-03 10:23 pm (UTC)
hey gene i think its really great that you are sticking up for your friends. and i would like you to consider this; you cant stand up for people all the time. yes the myspace thing is to mock them and i can be a bitch thats that and there isnt drama i just cant see how i write one thing such as look i am not as queer as you can cause such an uproar? and it also could just be telling everyone that. you know? it doesnt have to pertain to them necessarily although i admit it does, and i did it for laughs b/c everyone says how those names are well just nvm....its just funny too bad if its offensive. and i didnt hear until last friday the whole closet thing and that day about 6 people talked about it apparently mr your best friend was speaking and "bragging" about it in class. i dont care to be honest. they were my friends once upon a time but obviously not great ones if they forgot all about me over a course of a week. i am not the only one saying it so why dont you tell someone else who cares. thanks for trying to be sympathetic gene but i dont need your sympathetic b/c i am happy and i can live up to all the actions i do with no embarassment i will take into consideration that it isnt my business from now on but if it is topic of conversation i am allowed to put a two sense in. this shouldnt affect yours and my realtionship and if it does that is really pitiful. oh and as for me crying today i guess i felt that it shouldnt be you against me in their favor although you did it in a mature way. peace out, amanda
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From: un_bornemo
2005-05-04 01:52 am (UTC)
scott and jenna are there own adults and they can stick up for themselves, and i understand it, but dont tell me i cant stand up for people all the time, i mean, look how many of your friends are standing up for you. I was just trying to tell you my opinion, after all, this whole thing is proving that anyone can have opinions. It's just the way you put it out there that made me mad. Would it have hurt you or anyone else to not have posted it? No, you just posted it to get a response full of hate about them or something, thats just the way i see it, i mean, closet freaks, i will never lose myne to scott mcglothlin in a closet!!, thank God i never considered dating him. To me those seem a little un-necessary. And if my mr. best friend was talking about it, then let him, you dont have to do what hes doing. how many things have you told me recently? at the ave, on the phone? alot, but do i post entries about it, do i say shit about it, no, because now i respect you and your privacy. you can go talkign about it to whoever you want, but that doesnt make it right for me to go tell people. and don't disagree because i know you. And sorry for being sympathetic? Your allowed to put in 4 cents if you want, but realize that sometimes you can hurt people who you doubt would have gotten hurt. And this wont effect our relationship at all, its your battle (lack of good words) against the people you talk about, im just puttin MY two cents in. i mean, it is a topic of conversation now. and i'm not against you, im against what you did. Thats a difference. alright, well i'm out, laterrr.
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[User Picture]From: mandababe4
2005-05-04 02:16 am (UTC)

this is the last carpal tunnel comment on my part

okay gene i am not trying to argue here, all i have to say is that i didnt use the term "closet freaks" it was said to me, and i dont care where their location is that is their business. i dont have time to talk about it let alone post posters in the hall. you make it seem like everyoene wants to here this fyi they all had negative feedback which by the way i didnt exactly add to if i do say so myself.
i heard about it later than anyone i know, and it came up on the phone with zaina, a comment was posted, and well it was like an inside joke excluding that everyone already knew! infact people approached the conversation when i was with them earlier that week, the only reason this journal ever was private or friends only was because of scott and your other friends. in the past you people have made me feel like shit and now i know i dont have to take it anymore and i am just taking a stand. and gene you could tell anyone whatever you want about what i told you b.c i know you well enough to know you have atleast told one person. thats why i spared details. so just know i was in the midst of all of this i didnt start anything. so whatever and just because they are doing something adult doesnt change the fact that they are no less of a kid than any high school student.
oh yeah gene thanks for that comment in the cafeteria last week about me being annoying. word does get around, its a good thing i dont care anymore. and yeah you dont know me, time doesnt measure the depth of how well you know a person i guess ppl were right about you being twofaced. this is high school lets all just move forward.
and i do stand up for my friends hardcore but only when someone else is completely in the wrong. and i am not.
much love, amanda
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[User Picture]From: mandababe4
2005-05-04 02:26 am (UTC)
they arent standing up for me they are supporting me.
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From: un_bornemo
2005-05-04 02:33 am (UTC)
...those were your thoughts and your words. i said it because i was mad at what you did in the cafeteria. your right, this isnt a fight, but that last entry you wrotre sure as hell made it seem like one.."this shouldnt affect yours and my realtionship and if it does that is really pitiful." read that, then read the comment you just posted, and tell me who might be the one acting pitiful. i was speaking my mind as you have, and "fyi" not one person has known what you told me. bye amanda, hopefully you'll see what you write as i do and realize your being completely...bitchy?
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[User Picture]From: mandababe4
2005-05-04 02:54 am (UTC)
i was purposely being bitchy i even wrote it in my entry. i dont care if i actually did something wrong you dont need to talk shit to other people. it just showed them your character and i was informed the stuck up for me. i am not acting pitiful you see i guess if i have to go back and fourth over this. it was all a joke to me. and you made it some serious thing against me?! oh well you can tell ppl b/c alot of people know anyhow. "in high school nothing is a secret unless its with yourself"-sarah souede. i think thats true. i want you to understand that one day its not going to matter who had sex in a closet and bragged about it around school or who talked about it. (i found out a week after it happened and i didnt tell ne1 who didnt tell me) its going to matter the type of people you had backing you up and there for you. you dont need to go back to being an ass gene i am stating facts. and i am right. you see the difference between us is i post my personal thought on my own journal and your personal thought are also featured here, which arent greatly wanted but then again i havent blocked you yet so i dont mind. i guess i dont want akwardness i didnt make a fight i made it like hey i can stand up for myself why cant you?
much love, amanda
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